Tuesday Twoplay: Birthdays

This weekend was my ol’mans birthday … my sweet lovely hubbie … the one who keeps me going … all the days…

yes this guy!

The year goes by so fast … its like you blink then its the new year already.

I always make it a point to celebrate birthdays and special days a little longer than normal just to savor what little we can of the times and the occasions.  This year I decided I would do a 3 day birthday whoooraahh for my dear ol’man. It started off perfectly .. with a Friday night celebration. great… sweet…. lovely… romantic even…. then Bam.. The Fight …Pacquiao v. Marquez 4 (Poor Pacquiao I feel so bad for him he really was caught off guard there but I promise he really is a great fighter .. and I am sure he was just as surprised as his fans.. so embarrassing)… whooraaaahhh interrupted by the man folks… the boys boys!

But actually,  it was great.. I fibbed.

He was happy, he got to spend the night with some of his boys watching the match, drinking, eating .. doing the “bro” thing, it was nice. He was happy .. so I was happy!


There was no b’day cake by request of the b’day boy … so he had an apple pie… yup … apple pie .. “cake” :) Will post the recipe soon, one of the BEST pies I have EVER made!

Then we had a lovely lovely brunch the next day at McLoone’s Boathouse.. with family … OMG .. love that place. Love it!

I will do a review on them one of these days so stay posted. If you have never been there especially for their brunch .. you should TOTALLY do that … ASAP… go on… do it!

Delicious Food aaaannndd…

Bottomless mimosas … how can this be wrong!!!!

It was really a lovely weekend and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I hope he had as much of a good time as I did … and even tho I want to celebrate his birth again soon … lets try not to get back here sooooooo soon… geez… we need a slow motion button for life. Geez… can a girl savor a little more of the days please!

Thank you for listening!






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