Nemo 2013

I know its been a week now since snow storm nemo hit but here is a little peek of what we went through. It was not too bad but it was a storm nonetheless.

In North New Jersey we got about 6 – 12inches or so they said but this is waaay more than that in my opinion, mind you I am no Sam Champion :) .

Our front stairs.


Love the blue sky in this shot, amazing.

And this one!

Oooo and this one!

Ok just one more.

Our neighbors pup. We didn’t get any great shots of Maxy he runs like a crazed maniac when he sees the snow he loves it and its hard to get a good clean shot.

Cheers to making it through the storm to the other side.

Big BIG BIIIIIG Kudos to my dear Hubbie who braved the elements to get us this amazing footage, you’ve got Brody beat!!!

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  1. Liz says:

    Yikes…that’s a LOT of snow. Such a cute post…I LOL at your “no Sam Champion” line :) Tell hubby his photos are superb!

  2. Your husband took some amazing photographs. So glad you made it through (and the Guinness too!) Can’t believe all of the snow topped cars!

  3. tinajo says:

    Wow, that´s a lot of snow – and then I´m swedish so I should be used to that! :-D

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