June things

It was my birthday YAAAY. It was amazing and I loved every minute. June was as awesome as I could have imagined … I mean seriously .. it was my birthday!

Plus I even ended up with 3 birthday cakes .. I mean me… 3 cakes … ME? The person who always has cake at home.


Every day.

I got 3 cakes for my birthday. Now that is more than excessive .. its … its.. anyway. It was my birthday so YAY!

It was a great month with new things and fun things.

Where to begin??

OOOOO …. Jalapenos.

My plant grew and now I have so many little Jalapeno buds, but I got my first harvest of Jalapenos.

Exciting. Yes.


We had a long long long looooong road trip to Columbus, Ohio to see my sis and her family.

It was an awesome trip.

Got to spend time with my nieces and nephew … cute.

Super cute

More cuteeeeee


Ok just 1 more …

Maxi had lots of fun playing with the kids, lounging and running around free of leashes.

We had grrrreat food. Delicious grilled meats thanks to my Brother in law and the Ol’man, who actually ended up talking and drinking more than grilling … lol… oh yes you heard me ..boozers!!!

Overall it was fantastic and I got my first birthday cake of the week :) from coldstone, very very very scrumptious!

Thanks guys…Miss you lots!

For my blog discovery of the month.

Hello Laurie ¬†from Simply Scratch, great recipes and so easy to follow. I love everything and I can’t wait to try them ALL.

Check out her blog and definitely add her to your must read blogs!!!!

Finally my birthday couldn’t have been more awesome… I was overwhelmed really.

We had an amazing time in the city.

Finally got to go to the Doughnut plant .. OMG OMG OMG… I will have to do a review for you soon but can you say HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

Birthday cake #2 from the incredible …BILLY’S BAKERY!!

I got so many lovely surprises and more gadgets than a GEEK.

I got to have a sensational meal at the marvelous Peter Lugers.

Oh yes I did. Oh yes I sure did.

I really must say it was a perfect week and I am thrilled to have shared it with everyone.

Thank you so so so much to my lovely handsome amazing ol’man. You are. You are. YOU ARE!


So June .. sad to see you zip by but I love you more and more and more each year!!! Love being born in June and just love all the amazing things you bring!

Now on to …. Juuuly!!! ;)

Love always,

TZ xoxo


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