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The Lean Green Bean

I joined foodie penpals a few months ago and have had a total 3 exchanges so far. Unfortunately this is my first post on it. The first time around I got the package a little late and I did not get a change to blog about it by the reveal date, totally my fault because I got a lovely package from Heather in Minnesota and she sent some lovely lovely local treats.

Second time around .. nothing. My penpal was so lovely on email but she never sent a package or ever explained why or what happened, I reached out to her several times but got no response.

Third time around.. I hit the jackpot! OMG Jessica from lovely San Francisco… aweeesoome! Thank you so much for an awesome care package.. still enjoying every bit of it. You my dear are a rockstar!!!!!

So for the un-box-ing….

With the arrival of the box I was nothing short of squealing at the mail man .. gimme gimme gimme!

A sweet note from Jessica that I totally read before peeking inside.

Oh my goooooodness!

Just had to lay the treat out in all their glory. Oh yum.

So Jessica is a genius, she taped little notes on everything to tell me more about what they were, why she chose it and some little fun facts. GENIUS I tell you … pure pure GENIUS. Totally stealing this idea for my next box I send out.

Black & White Popcorn … This was the first thing I saw as well as the first thing to go down … sorry delicious popcorn but you had it coming! Delicious.. sweet, salty… chocolately .. it was definitely a favorite!

San Francisco Sourdough bread… Love this bread, made some delicious open faced tuna melts on this.

Jessica was so thoughtful she even sent my boy Maximus a treat which he loved by the way. He devoured half of it in like an hour. I had to take it away from him.

Just look at this beast. :)


Back to the box!

Snapple Jelly beans … what… get out of here …. Oh and on the note she mentions it takes 7 – 21 days to make a jelly bean .. what??? CRAZZZEE.. no wonder they are so darn deliciously addicting!

Cheetos Salsa Mix .. never even imagined the goodness in this bag, yum .. spicy and salty and cheeseeee.

Xtremes Airhead… sweet and sour RAINBOW strips… I will be using these on top of my St. Patty’s day cake pops.. I could eat the entire bag but I really had to control myself … I will use them on the pops and on some cupcakes .. they are so cute .. almost too cute to eat… ALMOST!

These were made in San Francisco too, never knew that… love these and will be making some brownies with them asap. Ignore the part on the note about me being a chocoholic … that’s just crazy … I mean I only have chocolate all the time sometimes.

And sadly last but definitely not LEAST. The spicy chili chocolate from Lindt, I havent tried this yet. They looks sooooo special I must save them for a special recipe.

All too soon the fun ended and I look forward to using and consuming all the treat by myself with others.

Special thanks to my dear Jessica you are truly a doll and I loved every bit of your box. You are lovely and I hope to return the favor someday soon! Thanks again!

Thanks as well to Lindsey for creating such an amazing program, it really is something and the experience is thrilling.

Find out more or join here.

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  1. wow, what an amazing FPP box! I love the photo of Maximus enjoying his treat. Love popcorn Indiana, perfect sweet and salty combination. All the notes that came along with your box are amazing, how thoughtful.

    • TZ says:

      I know I appreciate Jessica so much, it was really a great fun box and I am still enjoying it. Hope you enjoyed yours as well! :) Thanks for stopping by.

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