Welcome to Homemade by TZ!


I am TZ!
This is my outlet from the craziness of everyday life and working a 9-5 in NYC. I love cooking, creating, sharing. I live in wonderful sensational New Jersey. I am a free spirit, soon to be married to the love of my life James (My Ol’man – he is not old by any means just love calling him that) and a mum to our sweet shitzu havanese mix pup Maximus aka Big boy aka Maxilicious also sometimes known as Vish-nu, he is the king of begging and a super foodie like his mum. We have a simple life and outside our day jobs we love to eat, cook, photograph, video, travel and more recently DIY projects. We try, we fail, we try again but most of all we create.
I love cookbooks and if only I had my way I would have a WHOLE room of cookbooks, I am sort of a collector but unfortunately fortunately the dear ol’man refuses to hoard any more of my books so I am limited to ebooks and a sneak in once in awhile :) .
I created this blog in the Fall of 2010, it started as a place to post recipes and pictures to share with friends and family but my heart has grown fonder.

Hope you enjoy my blog and come back often. Amen!


FIVE random things about me:

* I spent a greater part of my childhood in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Accra, Ghana.
* I am a middle child – Shout outs to all my middle child homies!
* I love crime shows … OMG .. LOVE LOVE LOVE .. Thank you God for the ID channel! Hallelujah! Amen!
* I dont drive or own a car… I mean I drive but I just dont. Thank you! I mean I actually rode a bike for the first time in my entire LIFE last year… I know .. crazy but a very true story!